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Public Speaking Skills - 3 Great Motivations for Learning Better Communication


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Here’s the truth; you don’t need to have great public speaking skills…unless you have a family, or you are involved in teaching, performing, persuading, motivating, selling, work in public relations, or you have a job, hobby or sport that involves talking to other people.


I think you get the point.  We ALL need public speaking skills, because deep down we all want to be more effective in what we do.  And being more effective means better ‘communication’, which is really just another word for public speaking.


The first to developing great public speaking skills is to UNDERSTAND YOUR  MOTIVATION for doing so.  Unless you are sufficiently motivated, your interest in a subject and anything you learn will quickly fade away. 


So let’s look at 3 Good Motivations, or Reasons for learning good public speaking skills:



No. 1 - People with Good Public Speaking Skills Earn More Money. 


This is a fact. If two people are being interviewed for a job and one of them is confident, articulate and a good listener, while the other mumbles and stumbles their way through the interview while staring at their shoes; who do you think is going to get the job?


Whatever type of work you do or earn a salary, being able to communicate properly  and have good public speaking skills will naturally propel you towards positions of greater influence with higher earnings.



No. 2 - People with Good Public Speaking Skills Make Good Leaders. 


Have you ever tried to convince someone to follow you and failed miserably?  Nine times out of ten it is because you haven’t ‘sold’ your message to them properly.


Whether you want to lead your family or a large corporation, you will only be effective if you are a good communicator and have good public speaking skills.



No. 3 - People with Good Public Speaking Skills Make Better Lovers.


No, seriously. If you want your relationship to flourish, then you need to know the basic principles of good communication that all expert public speakers use. 


These principles are the same, whether you are talking to your life partner or your business partner; whether you are delivering a speech at your daughter’s wedding or giving a technical presentation at the Brain Surgeon’s Convention. In all of these circumstances, having effective public speaking skills will make you stand out as a person of interest, knowledge and authority, and someone who is worthwhile knowing or having a relationship with.



So, there you have it.  Three VERY good reasons for developing Good Public Speaking Skills.


Have a think about these and also develop some of your own.  The more reasons you have for becoming a good public speaker, the more likely you are to succeed.


 And there is really no better way to learn public speaking skills than by soaking up the expertise of some of the world’s best speakers. They can teach all the public speaking skills you need, in a fraction of the time it would take you to go it alone. 


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